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Over time, we have found this to be an area of great concern to our new customers and we donít blame them

or you.  Giving up ownership of critical areas of your business to an unknown caretaker can be heart

wrenching.  That being said, YOU, the client will always have 100% control over your company and itsí data. 

We take care of your company data for you but you control everything.  We provide reports and copies

of all critical data.  With each bill that is paid on your behalf, we provide a copy of the statement with

the check you will be signing.  If ever there is a voided check recorded, we provide you a copy of the

voided check and we place the original in your files.  When the current year is wrapped up, we

archive all records and return them to you for safekeeping.  This ensures you always know

what is happening within your company.  Our goal is to make your life

simpler not more complex.